Draco-VA Background

Draco-VA has evolved and proven itself in development of more than 20 ASICS in various industries: Java processors, TCP/IP Networking Processors, 10G/40G high-end Networking ASICs (Sonet, Ethernet, and Fiber Channel), Multimedia (Cable modem and MPEG) ASICs, and SOC (USB and MP3).

Draco-VA provides a unified RTL simulation and emulation verification environment. The following is an example for a 24-port 10G Ethernet switch.

Advanced in Verification Automation

By manipulating the data structure, a program can be fully controlled. All the tools and the testbench components, including the DUT are controlled by the use of the simple objected-oriented language, i.e., SDL. Unlike traditional computer language, SDL manipulates objects (variables and data structures) in a tool without sequential execution of programming statements. SDL separates programming from verification execution, thus, enables an engineer or a computer program to create many high quality tests that are as good as the original programmer who writes the tool. Moreover, any third-party software module can be controlled in SDL either via Application Programming Interface (API) or direct source code modification.