Draco Architecture

Draco models the real-world in the Electronic System Level (ESL) and bring it to the DUT.  

Test Case Layer

Tarek's revolutionary technology saves error-prone coding and debugging from the verification process by transforming both the DUT and the verification environment into a set of objects under the user's control. In Tarek's scheme, brand new test suites are created automatically by simply associating of the objects with proper values in many different ways. The methodology raises the technical bar from the verification process, which enables verification engineers as well as designers unfamiliar with software to create thorough tests easily with amazing productivity gains. Another level of automated randomization tool produces meaningful random tests with specific constraints to capture the behavior of the ASIC. Tarek’s test case automation solution shifts user paradigm vertically in the verification automation industry.

Programming Layer

Although Draco is language neutral and you can use any Verification languages on top of Draco. Our first choice of C/C++ for reusability and highest performance. Programming layer is a multi-threaded environment virtually identical to the Linux kernel without the scheduling overhead. For example, ASIC registers and memories are accessed via C/C++ functions.  

Draco Architecture
System Description Language
Test Scenario Generator
Predicate-based Random Test Generator
Automatic Driver Generator
Dynamic Simulation Control
Assertion Model Builder
Design Interface Module