Dynamic Simulation Control (DSC)

The dynamic simulation control (DSC) enables to maneuver and monitor the register, memory, and field values at run time. The DSC is similar to Java applet in a sense that DSC is an embedded code section inside test case, and it is interpreted and executed at run time. The DSC statements constitute an independent thread. One of the typical applications of DSC is for the ASIC bring-up.

Key Features

  • Embedded scripts inside test case supporting dynamic simulation and emulation control.

  • Chip bring-up test vehicle promoting the efficacy of verification with direct reading and writing to the given bus address.

  • Straightforward syntax similar to C or Perl.

  • Full expressive power provisioning hands-on control and monitoring of the SoC.

  • Temporal control on events using wait and delay statement as in hardware description language.

  • Memory image maneuvering functionality enabled by readmemh and writememh.

  • Open to user-defined functions that are readily linked by definition.

  • Syntax rule violation check prior to actual execution that helps to verify the test case.

  • Multiple concurrent tasks with multiple DSC statement blocks.