PCIE-VR is a verification IP for the PCI Express (PCIE) standards. A set of verification automation tools and a compliance suite are added to increase the productivity.

PCIE-VR fully models and monitors PCI Express functionality, timing, and protocols at both the cycle-accurate and transaction levels. It also generates realistic sophisticated concurrent-test scenarios automatically in all the three layers. For the transaction layer verification, PCIE-VR features a multi-threaded traffic generator that greatly simplifies the verification of concurrent access to the designs. For the data link and physical layers, PCIE-VR features powerful randomized state machine exercisers that exhaustively verify the flow control protocol, DLCMSM, and LTSSM.

As a VIP, PCIE-VR verifies all PCIE ASIC designs, such as root complex, switches, end points, and bridges at both Register-Transfer Level (RTL) and Electronic System Level (ESL).

As an architecture model, PCIE-VR is a Transaction-Level Model (TLM) that enables architecture designs of PCIE devices. PCIE-VR TLM is up to 300X faster than a cycle-accurate model. Due to the high performance, PCIE-VR TLM is also ideal for test case validation and software development.

PCIE-VR contains a PCI Express compliance suite that has hundreds of directed test cases and is capable of generating unlimited number of sophisticated random test cases. A functional coverage grader that is based on the PCI_SIG compliance check list provides the capability to go through the compliance check list before the tape out.


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