Transaction Layer Verification Automation

  • Realistic multi-threaded TLP traffic generator for ease of transaction layer verification.

  • Concurrent access with hundreds of transactions simplifies the verification tasks for

    transaction layer mechanisms, such as tag, completion ring, and virtual channel queues.

  • Supports all types of packets and transactions.

  • Supports multi-level error injections down to any bit with powerful automatic control without programming.

  • Supports DMA access with real system memory address.

  • Full virtual channel support.

  • Support for application software development.

Multi-Threaded TLP Traffic Generator Log

TLP DMA traffic(1) write 0xa545b00, length 0x22 ---- end point thread 1

TLP DMA traffic(1) read 0xa545b00, length 0x22

TLP traffic(3) write 0x814c0060045, length 0x15 ----- root complex thread 3

TLP traffic(3) read 0x814c0060045, length 0x15

TLP traffic(0) write 0x814c0040045, length 0x38 ----- root complex thread 0

TLP traffic(0) read 0x814c0040045, length 0x38

TLP traffic(1) write 0x814c0020000, length 0xb9 ---- root complex thread 1

TLP traffic(1) read 0x814c0020000, length 0xb9

TLP traffic(2) write 0x814c0000040, length 0x6b ----- root complex thread 2

TLP traffic(2) read 0x814c0000040, length 0x6b

TLP DMA traffic(0) write 0xa5256f0, length 0x56 ---- end point thread 1

TLP DMA traffic(0) read 0xa5256f0, length 0x56

Multi-Threaded TLP Traffic Generator in Action

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